PooyamKutty Water Fals

Pooyamkutty is a small town in Ernakulam district, Kothamangalam Taluk, Kuttampuzha panchayath and in the Indian state of Kerala. A place which is blessed with its natural beauty, situated along Pooyamkutty river, a tributary of the Periyar. The nearest Municipality is Kothamangalam which is 27KM away from Pooyamkutty and takes one hour traveling time. Pooyamkutty is famous for a hydro electric project by KSEB. The project was designed to build a hydroelectric power station at Peendimedu waterfall, 8 kilometer deep inside the forest from Pooyamkutty. It was started in 1980s and abandoned in 1990s. The project was initially designed to make an installed capacity of 1000MW , similar to Idukki dam, then changed to 210MW and subsequently abandoned due to environmental and financial issues by the government of India.[3]

Private buses are used as the first medium of transpiration from the nearest town Kothamangalam which pass through Pooyamkutty and lead to Manikandamchal followed by Vellaramkuthu. Manikandamchal is fully occupied by farmers and Vellaramkuthu is by 'Aadivasi' people. Manikandamchal bridge connects Pooyamkutty to Manikandamchal which was built in 2002, considered as a great blessing to farmers staying in Manikandamchal, Vellaramkuthu and Kallelumedu. This is the one and only possible way to access the nearest town.
Most of the ares shown in Mohanlal famous movies Pulimurugan and Shikkar are at Pooyamkutty.