A milky waterfall that would allure you even from a distance; beautiful rivulets with lucid streams of water that would wash away the worries and weariness of everyday life; pebbles that will surpass the charm of precious stones... tempted aren't you? Then don't waste much time visualizing it in your mind. Plan your next trip to Paniyeli Poru an untouched picnic spot on the outskirts of Kochi.

The lush green vegetation around Paniyeli Poru is home to numerous species of birds and animals and assures an exotic experience to all visitors. The chirping and twittering of birds, the melody of rivulets and the waterfalls all blend to compose a harmony that would relieve you from all worries. The sight of River Periyar winding its path along the dense forests and rocks is incredible to watch. To those who are into photography, Paniyeli Poru is a not-to-be-missed destination. The canopy of trees, warbling birds, manna - like water.. you will surely be tempted to recapture all the wonderous things in several frames.